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Fantasy novels are a hotspot for diversity and infinite possibilities. Among its most famous element is the usage of psychic abilities that make people question reality.

People read as a form of escapism to run away from their mundane responsibilities and temporarily alleviate the burdens weighing them down. To some, these pages are their one shot at a life beyond what they can imagine, allowing them to live in a magical world unreachable. Books allow people to be who they aren’t and who they wish they could be.

If you chose a character to embody, would you choose someone ordinary or super?

Obviously and without hesitation, people would opt for someone special, like a character with psychic abilities. This way, reading through their lives and experiences allows people to imagine and envision how it would be to be extraordinary, to have the same unimaginable abilities they do. These characters will enable them to be in worlds beyond their reality and the normalcy of their routines.

This is the power of fantasy stories and the privilege these fantastical worlds bring – surrealism in reading creates an illusion that readers are experiencing the events themselves.

A Sorcerer of Fantasy Novels

Edward Lipinski is an author with a natural aptitude for creating and adding magic in any circumstance. With currently two fantastical nail-biter novels under his name and decades of writing experience in his name, Edward has magic coursing through his fingers, able to deliver and weave enchantment into anything he writes with ease and comfort.

Among his published masterpieces is a captivating story following an equally fascinating character. Visions of Destiny is a story about a boy who, at first glance, doesn’t seem any special until the readers flip through the book more and discover the uniqueness buried underneath his ordinary.

Henry Gainsvort is a boy you’d encounter in your local community. He seems ordinary, attending a regular school, surrounded by equally average friends, and with a typical family. Everything around him screamed the definition of normalcy until he reached the tender age of eight, when he first experienced the supernatural ability that set him apart. Henry wasn’t as average as he thought he would be. Instead, he was clairvoyant, an ability that would have given him power, only that it made him suffer in this world. With his mundane existence bounded by his surreal psychic abilities, Henry Gainsvort is super beyond reality, and his challenges make the story more riveting and exciting.

How His Psychic Abilities Contributed to the Storyline

Reading about clairvoyance or any psychic abilities isn’t something new. The fantasy genre has been riddled with supers and extraordinary abilities that authors have unlimited means to experiment with.

Magic has long existed in the literature and might be easily mistaken as a part of reality. However, it obviously is far from what’s actual and existent in everyday life. Instead, magic or any fantastical elements exist in literature as a form of symbolism, conveying a message authors wish to impart to their readers.

In terms of utilizing them in novels, psychic abilities don’t merely serve as a cool feature in the characters’ lives. They hold a purpose and, to a certain extent, a lesson for the readers to uncover. For instance, in Visions of Destiny, Henry’s clairvoyant ability was an all-needed push to develop his character arc, showing readers a transformation of personality and perceptions more than anything else. This further shaped his identity and the story’s progress. The story might seem to revolve around the character’s psychic abilities, but underneath these, his was a story of redemption and strength.

Authors have the freedom to play around with symbolism and representation. For the fantasy genre, they have a more exciting field of using magic and mystic abilities to dazzle their readers. However, their purpose should be more than to provide excitement and action. They must be a driving force or a source of conflict driving the story and characters forward.

About the Magical World of Superpowers

It can be tempting to limit the story around the experimentation of these psychic abilities or superpowers. Writing stories in the form of comic books and centering them around the characters’ superpowers seems the easier option to move forward with the story. Instead of creating a more extensive and meaningful account of their abilities, writing about their adventures is more exciting without a lesson.

However, depending on how they’re written, these novels can be more impactful if a lesson is woven into the characters’ extraordinary abilities. Once authors develop a better general perspective of how these psychic abilities come to play and significantly influence the character’s life, these fantasy novels begin to flow naturally, and the stories become more well-developed.

What authors do with their fantasy novels is entirely up to them. But when they have extraordinary abilities woven into their stories, they must convey a more meaningful message other than to entice and improve the story’s pacing.

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